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Damascena Rose Water - 100% Organic - For Radiant and Refreshed Skin (200ml)

Damascena Rose Water - 100% Organic - For Radiant and Refreshed Skin (200ml)

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Damascena Rose Water

Why Choosing Our Damascena Rose Water

Our Damascena Rose Water is made from the best Damask Roses in the world, hand-picked from the beautiful Kashmir valley. The fresh air and sunshine there make these roses super special. That's why our rose water is so very good for your skin!

Benefits Of Kashmiri Damascena Rose Water

Our Rose Water works like magic for your skin! Here's what it does for your skin:

  1. Hydrates Your Skin
  2. Calms Your Skin
  3. Gentle Cleansing
  4. Smaller Pores
  5. Fights Skin Damage
  6. Balances Your Skin's Oils
  7. Smells Amazing

To Read The Benefits In Detail Check This Out: Kashmiri Damascena Rose Water: Benefits And Uses

How to Use Rose Water for Amazing Skin

  • Step 1: Wash your face with your usual face wash to get rid of dirt and makeup.
  • Step 2: After washing, gently spray the rose water on your face. You can use a cotton ball or just spray it right on!
  • Step 3: Tap your face lightly so the rose water soaks in.
  • Step 4: Put on your favorite face cream to keep your skin hydrated.

Damascena Rose Water Vs Normal Rose Water

Damascena Rose Water

  • Comes from a special type of rose called the Damask rose.
  • These roses are known for having a strong, sweet smell and being full of good stuff for your skin.
  • Made using a special way to get the most out of the rose's natural benefits.
  • Has lots of the good stuff that helps your skin look and feel its best.
  • Can do more for your skin – like reducing redness and fighting wrinkles.

Regular Rose Water

  • Can be made from any kind of rose, not just the special Damask kind.
  • Might not smell as strong or have as many of the good things for your skin.
  • Might not be made as carefully as Damask rose water.
  • Can still help your skin, but not as much as the Damask type.
  • Is a good option if you want rose water but are on a budget.

If you want the best rose water for your skin, Damascena is the clear winner! It has special stuff that regular rose water doesn't, so it's better at making your skin glow. It's made very carefully, so you get the most out of the rose's natural power. Regular rose water is okay, but Damascena is the way to go for awesome results!

Our Promise

  1. 100% Organic Rose Water
  2. Steam Distilled for Purity
  3. Cruelty-Free and Ethically Sourced
  4. Free from Harsh Chemicals and Synthetics

Product Details

Product Name
 Damascena Rose Water
100% Organic Damask Rose Flower Water
Shelf Life
36 Months From the Manufacturing Date
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